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Become an Affiliate

Become a Body Be Well Affiliate studio and teach our certification training program.


We are excited to invite you to take a look at our affiliate program. 


Body Be Well Pilates has created a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program and we are looking for more dedicated studio partners to host our training courses. We truly believe this collaboration holds immense potential for growth, mentorship and tons of benefits that it will bring to your business.


Why become an affiliate? 


Quality Education

Our program adheres to the guidelines and is recognized under the National Pilates Certification Program. We delve into Pilates history, basic anatomy, exercises with building blocks and challenges, accessible modifications and variations. Affiliates do not have to retrain students before inviting them to their teaching teams and the program can be flexible depending on what your studio and demographic needs might be.


Attract Top Talent

By offering the Body Be Well Pilates training, you become a magnet for aspiring Pilates instructors seeing reputable certification programs. This can result in an influx of talent for your studio(s).


Business Growth

Hosting a teacher training program can significantly boost your studios revenue by growing your team. It also creates more time for you to work on the business and not be teaching every client and class on your schedule.


Mentorship Opportunities

Hosting our program allows you to network with other studio owners and Pilates professionals, creating opportunities for collaboration, community-building and mentorship from like minded people. You have a support team all year round to discuss and figure out whatever your needs might be and other opportunities to teach and create workshops for CEC’s. 


Now is the time.
Get started today!
Text 914-466-3173 to get more information and to set up a call.
Or email us at
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More reasons to become an affiliate studio of Body Be Well Pilates:


  • Have a consistent extra source of income.

  • Have a handful of ready and able teachers to hire.

  • Branding with your logo and ours.

  • All Body Be Well manuals, materials, reviews, tests, and certificates are included with no extra fees.

  • Flexibility with the project and resources part of the program to make it work for you and your studios.

  • Mentoring and coaching opportunities with Chelsea and Suzanne throughout, both before and after the program is complete.

  • Invitation to our annual Pilates Education Weekend and opportunities to present.

  • Cross-promotion on social media and email blasts plus branded content for you to post.

We are looking for:

Studio owner/teachers

Must be five years graduated, teaching from a reputable program and an active NCPT member.

...with a fully equipped studio (minimum 650 square feet)

Including Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels, Chairs, Jumpboard, props and tools.

...with a minimum of 3 years in business.

Let's Get Started

Thanks, we'll be in touch!

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