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"During the four years I have been a client at Body Be Well, Chelsea has consistently developed and innovated her wonderful enterprise. Body Be Well combines small-studio warmth and service with superlative Pilates instruction. It is a pleasure to take classes with an array of competent and caring teachers; do business with an exceptional entrepreneur; and continually challenge myself. I have never been in better physical shape, nor have I ever enjoyed an exercise routine more. Chelsea and her staff wisely know that the purpose of fitness is health, joy, and growth; this insight permeates all that they do. I am so grateful that I found this studio--it is a true gift!" - MDO

"I had always known about Pilates but it never interested me because I felt that it was just another form of yoga with the addition of strange devices. But, over the years I saw so many of my patients reshape their bodies with Pilates. I suddenly found myself curious to try it out. I have to say it was love at first session. I walked out (well more like crawled out) feeling more alive than I did after any other work out. I started out with one session a week and now I am doing two - if time permitted I would come every day. I have never experienced a work out so complete. And the absolute most amazing part of Pilates is that it is the most subtle of moves that engages muscles you didn't even know you had! No massive weights, no jumping around to disco music, no using machines that make no sense - just you and your own will (and of course Chelsea who makes everything look way too easy).  I can easily say that it makes me feel stronger and more flexible than I have ever felt. Thank you Chelsea for giving me a new direction for my fitness!"

- SK

The Body Be Well Team

"Since I started doing Pilates several times a week my posture has improved, my stomach flattened, and most important, I have a wonderful sense of well-being.  The people at Body Be Well are very encouraging and delightful people.  Just watch out.  It becomes addictive!"

- MR

"I was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my lower back 13 years ago.  After years of on going pain, spasms, and discomfort, as well as multiple attempts at physical therapy, monthly and sometimes weekly visits to the chiropractor, and several attempts at acupuncture, I went to my doctor to get a referral for spinal surgery. My doctor asked me to please try Pilates before getting surgery. It has been almost 1 year since my first private with Shannon and the results are amazing!  I have been pain free since starting with BBW.  I am able to live my lifestyle without any worries of back pain.  I have taken both private and group classes with a majority of the staff at BBW and they are all excellent at what they do.  The staff is friendly, welcoming, and has a strong desire to help you reach your fitness goals.  I would highly recommend BBW to anyone that is interested in improving their bodies and their lifestyle."

- JH

"I have never met a more careful and conscientious trainer. My knees are

screwed. Bilateral patella realignment is no joke, only done for those too young forknee replacement. I selected and

stayed with Chelsea for years for reasons beyond friendship; I feel safe."

- LP

"The team at BBW know their stuff and make class not only a fun and enjoyable experience but a deeply rewarding one as well.  I would pick no other place to play and do Pilates at the same time.  The staff, the space, the equipment, the location, the prices, the energy of the clients -  and the diversity of the classes and times available  - make this my number one choice in the Hudson Valley.  Thank you BBW for ALL OF IT.  You rock!"


- Kellie

"I've been a client of Chelsea and her team for more than two years.  In twice a week sessions they have been most helpful in dealing with my symptoms of Parkinson's disease.  The times I've had to miss my sessions have driven home their value.  I'm grateful for their help."

- AL


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