You bought a Reformer for your house, now what?

You missed the studio, the springs, your friends and your favorites exercise like leg circles, short spine, and frog! I know! I missed them too, very much. (Very, very much). So, like many others, you sought out and purchased some Pilates equipment for your home. You purchased your reformer and did footwork, frogs, and leg circles then called it a Pilates workout and went on your way. You are missing out! There is so much more to the workout than your favorites, in fact, maybe the focus needs to be on your least favorites like “Climb a Tree” and “Tendon Stretch.” (Ok, these are my least favorites!). That is where the improvement, the accomplishment, the success, and the excitement come from. You ask yourself, “How am I going to do that when in the studio I just cursed out the instructor when these exercises came up (because UGH) and now I don’t know how to do it?” The missing piece is the expertise of your certified trainer giving you proper instructions (breathe, please), modifications, accountability, and encouragement!

Here's the plan: You can Zoom with your favorite instructor and do privates with your home equipment! At this point, who doesn’t have Zoom or Facetime? The instructor can help you find your core and your excitement about Pilates again. You invested in the equipment, now invest in yourself!

With a private session, the workout can be tailored to your equipment and your needs. Just ask! We at Body Be Well are here for you and want to see you succeed. Just think, you could be doing in-home AND in-studio workouts! Whooooo! Times have certainly changed and we are changing with them. To make things easier, a private package can be used for BOTH in-studio AND online privates.

Now let’s talk about this investment. Your equipment needs to be maintained. Would your purchase a car (a Cadillac maybe….wink, wink) and never get it checked or tuned? No!

Your equipment needs love as much as your body does. Guy and I are now certified Pilates Maintenance Technicians. We can come to your house (with Covid-19 protocols strictly adhered to) and do a safety check, a tune-up, troubleshoot, and resolve issues. Is there a squeaky wheel? A noisy pulley? Is the plunger lever stuck? Is the push-through bar slow and sticky?

We can help you!

Check out our webpage and drop us an email or text!

We can’t wait to see you!


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I am a studio owner, Certified Pilates Teacher for over a decade, Holistic Nutrition professional, author & cool aunt who used to store my shoes in the oven and sweaters in my pantry. I have come a long way since then and you can too. Whatever your goals may be I want you to be able to live well and feel your best every day by doing Pilates and eating real food with Body Be Well. 


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