The Oven is not a Shoe Rack!

And other stories about growing up.

In the first little house I purchased, I used the stove to store shoes and the pantry to store sweaters. I conveniently bought a house right next to my parents and the tri-weekly phone calls to my mom would be: “What are you making for dinner?” For any social gatherings or dinner parties, I would always be the one bringing the wine, and the only appliance I owned was a coffee maker. My freezer was fully stocked with ice and tequila and my fridge had baking soda and leftovers that eventually went to my sisters’ chickens since they were unrecognizable by the weekend. Oh, and I almost failed home economics for putting tin foil in the microwave! The kitchen was obviously not a familiar room in my house.

So why should you listen to me of all people about nutrition and meal planning, and allow me to help you find success with healthy eating? Because I get it...

Cut to July of 2020 when in the midst of a pandemic I was running two Body Be Well Pilates studios, teaching indoors, outdoors, and online seven days a week and trying to keep everything afloat after we were mandated to close. I was emotionally and physically exhausted, stressed more than ever before, the word “broccoli” didn’t ring a bell and my spandex was stretched to their limit. Something needed to change.

Sweaters in my pantry!
Sweaters in my pantry!

Having to close our Pilates studios for about six months actually left me some free time to think about lifestyle changes that would compliment Pilates. "What else did our clients need and want?" "What do I need and want?" "What constitutes a realistic, healthy lifestyle for busy people who don’t have time to massage their kale?"

One of my goals with Body Be Well has always been to help people live a full, healthy lifestyle incorporating the best exercise there is - Pilates, and nutritious and healthy food avoiding extreme or fad diets. So, I decided to go back to school to study Holistic Nutrition. I purchased a Vitamix, took my shoes out of the oven, and started purchasing cookbooks. My sweaters got moved to my dresser and I stocked my pantry full of things like organic dates and almond flour. Trips to local farm stands became a weekly thing and I started to create my own recipes, meal planning for myself, family, and clients and I didn’t have to worry that if I was going to make dinner the fire department would show up. (Who was I?)


Welcome to Body Be Well Nutrition!


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I am a studio owner, Certified Pilates Teacher for over a decade, Holistic Nutrition professional, author & cool aunt who used to store my shoes in the oven and sweaters in my pantry. I have come a long way since then and you can too. Whatever your goals may be I want you to be able to live well and feel your best every day by doing Pilates and eating real food with Body Be Well. 


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