A 10-Minute Workout for When you're Extremely Unmotivated

This full-body routine is the best Monday motivator.

Whether you're having trouble getting your butt into gear on a Monday or are just having a lazy weekend, this quick workout will make you feel more energized and ready to conquer your to-do list. It takes only 10 minutes, so it's easy to squeeze into your schedule (like when you're waiting for laundry or tea water to boil). But it's also super effective and challenges your whole body—so be prepared to sweat a little. Try to perform each exercise below for a minute, and flow from one to the next without any down time.


  • Lie on your stomach. Reach your arms overhead and your legs out long behind you.

  • Lift everything off the mat and start to flutter kick your legs and arms up and down as fast as you can.

Hamstring Pulses

  • Staying face down, fold your hands and rest your forehead on them. Bend your knees, turn your toes and knees out, and squeeze your heels together.

  • Lift your knees off the floor and squeeze your glutes. Make sure not to strain your back.

Grasshopper Beats

  • Bring your legs out long behind you, hip-distance apart.

  • Keeping your legs long, start to squeeze your inner thighs in and out as quickly as you can. (Psst! These 4 walking tricks will help you firm your thighs faster.)

Single Leg Kick

  • Lace your hands together and prop yourself up onto your forearms, reaching the legs long behind you.

  • Lift one leg up.

  • Squeeze your heel into your backside 3 times, then switch sides and repeat.

Double Leg Kick

  • Lace your hands behind your back and turn your head to one side. Glue your legs together.

  • Lift and squeeze your heels to your backside 3 times with both legs.

  • Reach your arms behind you and lift your chest off the ground and legs up about 2 inches, then stretch.

Marching Pelvic Bridge

  • Press those heels back into the floor and maintain a stable pelvis with your backside lifted.

  • Bring one leg up into a lifted tabletop position, and then switch to "march."

Pelvic Bridge Kicks

  • Staying lifted in your pelvic bridge, bring one leg straight up to the ceiling.

  • Lower and lift your raised leg, keeping your booty off the ground and hips even the whole time. Switch sides and repeat.

Butterfly Oblique Pulses

  • From the same position as above, reach over to one side and pulse. Try to bring your armpit to your hip and reach your arms long the whole time.

  • Switch sides and repeat, keeping your shoulders off the mat the whole time.


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