Lose Inches On Your Thighs With This 15-Minute Ball Workout

Trim, tone, and strengthen your inner thighs with these effective Pilates-inspired moves.

For this workout, you will need an inflatable 12-inch ball (like this CanDo Inflatable Exercise Ball). If you don’t have one this size, use whichever size you have on hand, or you can even borrow your child's kickball! You just want to be able to squeeze and resist into the ball for the best toning results.

Perform each of the five exercises below for one minute, then repeat the whole sequence three times to make this a 15-minute workout. If you don't have time to complete all three sets at once, just finish them throughout your day when you have minutes to spare. Now grab that ball and get ready to fire up your inner thighs!

Criss Cross

  1. Lie on your back and place the ball in between your ankles. Reach your legs out long in front of you and use your core to raise and hold them out. The lower the legs go to the floor, the harder this will be. For an added challenge, peel your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor as well.

  2. Cross the left leg over the right and then right over the left, making sure not to lose your ball. To engage your inner thighs, keep the legs straight so the “cross” comes from the inner thighs and hips and not your knees. (Tight hips? Do these 3 stretches regularly.)

Top Leg Press

  1. Keeping the ball between your ankles, roll onto one side.

  2. Press down on the ball with your top leg, and stabilize with resistance from your bottom leg so the ball doesn't roll back and forth. Keep your feet flexed and legs long, and squeeze using as much resistance as you can without losing control of the ball. Hold here for 30 seconds.

  3. Switch sides and hold for 30 seconds.

Bottom Leg Press