6 Ways to Make a Wall Sit Work Your Core, Legs, and Butt to the Max

For this quick workout, all you need is a wall, which will keep your spine nice and straight, all while toning and tightening your core, legs, and backside. (Plus, we all know that the fewer props and accessories you need, the harder it is to skip your workout!)

Perform each move for 30 seconds. To make this workout a circuit, complete 3 to 5 rounds, taking short breaks in between rounds, or staying seated to feel the burn the whole time.

Wall Sit

Pressing spine firmly against a wall, walk feet out and slide your backside down so hips are in line with knees and knees are over ankles. Make sure legs remain parallel without rolling in or out. Press arms firmly into the wall behind you, keeping shoulders down and back.

You will work off of this basic wall sit for all of the following exercises. If they feel too difficult, you can always revert back to this position.


From wall sit, start to march legs by lifting 1 knee up to your chest and then alternating sides without shifting alignment. Use your core to hold your leg for a brief second before switching sides.

Heel Lifts

Peel both heels off the floor without sliding body upward, then press them back down onto the floor. Keep all 10 toes on the floor, and make sure your ankles don't roll out or in.