4 Ways To Tone Your Butt Using A Magic Circle

This workout might not look like much, but with the help of a Pilates Magic Circle, these tiny moves are sure to fire up your whole backside.

When using the circle, maintain stability and control to get the most out of each exercise. And always be sure to place the cushioned sides of the prop against your body.

Pelvic Bridge

Lying on your back, slide the circle up and around the outside of your legs, right by your knees. Pull your legs outward against the circle and lift your backside up, keeping your pelvis nice and stable. Keep your core pulled in, and maintain tension on the circle the whole time while you hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

Modified Single Leg Kick

Flip over onto your stomach. Keep one leg long and bend the other while placing the cushioned side of the circle in between your butt and your ankle. Without sinking into your neck and shoulders, stay lifted and squeeze the circle three times. Imagine that you're trying to make the circle smaller each time. Repeat 10 to 12 times, then switch sides.

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Double Leg Press

Stay on your stomach and bend both legs, placing the circle between your butt and both ankles. Keep legs parallel the whole time. Stay propped up on your elbows and squeeze the circle in toward your butt three