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When it comes to food and what we should eat, I’m the first to admit it’s confusing as heck. Is it organic? Does this have too much sugar? Is this gluten-free? Does it have too many carbs because I don’t eat carbs during the week...sometimes it all just feels like madness!

Starvation cleanses aren’t something that I recommend to anyone and strict diets don’t work. What I do recommend is eating clean and nutritious foods to get back on track with your healthy lifestyle and eating.

Healthy-ish in a Hurry offers one-on-one nutritional guidance by appointment as well as meal plans, recipes and shopping guidance.


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Fresh Feta Salad

Body Be Well 3-Day Reset

This eBook contains a simple, healthy meal plan that is designed to get you on track using real food and plenty of plant-based, gluten-free recipes with no added sugars. Recipes are quick and simple, and will help you reset and reframe healthy eating habits.

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If you want to develop healthier eating and/or exercise habits but just don't know where to start try our 3-Day Reset Meal Plan, designed to give you a kick start on your healthy eating journey.

If you need more tailored one-on-one guidance, schedule a free 15-minute evaluation.
Call or text 914-466-3173 and we can start a customized plan designed to help you get going.

Book an Appointment

Initial Consultation Call
15-minute Evaluation
First Appointment
60 mins: $125
Follow-up Appointments
45 min: $75

Great deals to help keep you healthy and on track...

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