The instructors of Body Be Well Pilates are excited to help you move, feel better, and reach your goals! Our instructors are trained in the classical techniques of Joseph H. Pilates in addition to contemporary and evolved modalities. All instructors have completed a 450+ hour comprehensive certification that the Pilates Method Alliance recognizes. They are all CPR and First-Aid certified and continue their education through workshops, conferences, and extra training every year. Each instructor brings their dedication, wisdom, creativity and enthusiasm to their teaching. Many of our clients work with multiple instructors each week giving them variety in their workouts.


Meet our amazing and knowledgeable team!

Chelsea Streifeneder
Owner, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, Author, Speaker
Shannon Schober
PMA Certified Pilates Teacher
Andrew MacKenzie
Certified Pilates Teacher
A.C.S.M. Personal Trainer
Elsah Epstein
Certified Pilates Teacher
Well-Being Coach
Suzanne Hazleton
PMA Certified Pilates Teacher
Reiki Master Practitioner
Christi-Jo Jones
Certified Pilates Teacher
Physical Therapist Assistant
Karen Streifeneder
Certified Pilates Teacher
Amy Mincher
Certified Pilates Teacher
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...and this is our (hypo-allergenic) mascot - STELLA!



Shannon Schober Shannon Schober manages and runs all three locations of Body Be Well Pilates. Shannon is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher through the Pilates Method Alliance® and holds a B.M. in Music Recording Technology and a B.A. in German from Lebanon Valley College. She was introduced to Pilates after her sister, Chelsea opened Body Be Well Pilates in Red Hook, NY. Here Shannon soon became a regular client and found the training immediately gratifying. She was surprised to see how the techniques could be applied to every type of person and how Pilates helped them with everything from daily activities to building better bones! She decided to become a Certified Pilates Instructor through Body Be Well and has hopes to help people look and feel better both inside and out. She believes that continuing her education is super important and is always learning more so that she can better herself on how to help others through the Pilates Method!

Andrew MaKenzie was born and raised in Red Hook, New York. Athletics have always played a key role throughout his life, while growing up and as a career path, participating in basketball, baseball, and track. He graduated Dutchess Community College with an A.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness and is a certified Person Trainer with A.C.S.M. While always looking for new and interesting workout routines, he strongly bases training around plyometrics, calisthenics, and body balance techniques. He found that Pilates incorporates many of these philosophies while maintaining a high level of difficulty, and was instantly hooked. Other than a challenging workout, Andrew found the benefits of Pilates as a rehab technique and uses that knowledge personally and with others to help recover and prevent further injury.


Elsah Epstein’s true passion is to help people feel good in their bodies and discover new and healthy ways to move. In her practice, she helps people become more self-aware of the body and its several aspects, leading them towards improved health and positive change. Physical fitness was an integral part of her life. It was during her training in the Aesthetic Method that Elsah discovered Pilates. Inspired by its benefits of strength, alignment, and body awareness, she studied the Pilates Method with Ellie Herman, then again with Chelsea Streifeneder, to become a fully certified Pilates instructor. She recently completed Irene Dowd’s Functional Anatomy and Ideokinesis courses and is in the process of completing her training to become a certified Well-Being Coach through a 2-year program with the Anthropedia Foundation. Elsah believes that everyone can help to prevent injury and increase well-being by practicing Pilates. An eternal student of well-being, Elsah continues to deepen her understanding of movement and wellness. She is very happy to be a part of the team of instructors at Body Be Well.


Suzanne Hazelton started taking Pilates in 2007 and found that Pilates really helped to strengthen her core and align her spine and spirit.  In 2013 and again in 2016, Suzanne suffered from frozen shoulder but with the help of physical therapy and a strong Pilates practice, she was able to recover in a shortened amount of time and maintain a strong shoulder girdle.  Suzanne has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The College of Saint Rose and had a career in Technology for over 25 years. Since 2011, Suzanne has worked to achieve Master level in Usui, Karuna, and Holy Fire Reiki practice. As her spirit flows towards service of others, Suzanne felt that adding a Pilates certification to her repertoire was the right thing to do.  With that, Suzanne received her Pilates certification through Body Be Well Pilates and completed the Pilates Sports Center program in November 2014.  She went on to get her Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher Certification through the Pilates Method Alliance® in May 2015 and most recently, she received an additional certification through the Pilates Sports Center in February 2020. She now will be able to teach others how to teach Pilates through the Body Be Well Pilates studios and the Pilates Sports Center training program. She values what Pilates has done for her and wants to help people see and feel the same benefits. Suzanne is a true Pilates believer!


Christi-Jo Jones started taking Pilates classes when Body Be Well opened in Catskill. She was instantly hooked on how good her body felt after a session.  Quickly, she noticed positive changes in her body.  She felt stronger, her posture had improved, and began to notice her aches and pains had disappeared.  In 2014, she had the opportunity to train as a Pilates instructors with Chelsea and join the growing team at Body Be Well. Christi-Jo Jones is also a Physical Therapist Assistant and has integrated pilates into her work with clients. Pilates had helped her clients to recover and prevent injuries, reduce pain, and improve their daily function.


Karen Streifeneder was first introduced to Pilates several years ago by her daughter, Chelsea, who returned from Los Angeles to Red Hook to begin a new business venture. She quickly began to realize and appreciate the benefits of doing Pilates, as it immensely improved her strength, balance, body shape, and energy level. It seemed a natural progression to evolve her dedication to Pilates by becoming an instructor herself. She is very pleased to have made this progression, is enjoying teaching at both studio locations, and looks forward to a future that includes helping others achieve the positive rewards of doing Pilates!


Amy Mincher began her Pilates journey in 2013 when a friend invited her to a class at Body Be Well.  She noticed several positive results after only a few classes, including improved posture, greater flexibility, increased endurance, as well as a reduced stress level.  Even though she works full-time as a registered nurse, she always manages to find time to attend 3-4 classes per week.  In early 2017, as her belief in and dedication to Pilates continued to grow, Amy decided to become a Pilates instructor so that she could share the Pilates experience with others and help them achieve stronger and healthier bodies.  When she's not at Body Be Well or delivering babies, Amy enjoys cooking, gardening, cycling, long walks, and dining out.




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